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Hi, so I’m working on writing a story, and it’s a story about a girl (you, the main character) who lost her SO in an accident. There’s basic choices like what to wear, conversations, and basic choices like ‘oh should i go out’ or ‘i’m staying home lol screw that.’

When the story is published, I’d like to add that it’s sort of depressing. There’s a warning, so I think it’ll be okay. The MC spends a majority of her time trying to get over her loss, and trying to figure out if it was actually an accident or he did it on purpose. I have some questions too.

You get to create how you look, would you want to be able to choose the gender and look of the SO?

Is music okay in the background or do you prefer it silent? (I know episode can be weird, sometimes you can turn it off, and other times you can’t.)

This was a fun idea that I had, but do some people want a character of theirs to be a background character in this story? If so, please pm me, I’m running out of background characters lmao. (also will credit)

Btw this story isn’t published yet, it’s still a work in progress! I’m hoping to get it out soon. Maybe by November? I’m trying to make long chapters and I’m really slow at coding. Thank you for your feed back!


I don’t like background sounds when I have to read the script, so I just turn it off.
As for the rest, do as you like, it’s your story! Your vision.
Okay, that’s not helpful. So SO gender choice? Sure. Gives readers a choice for those who like a choice.
Personally, I rarely customize. I like to read as the author envisioned. But I like clothing abs hairstyle changes occasionally for fun. But not all the time. It can disrupt the flow of the story.
My issue with customization sometimes is that I need to get to know the character before I choose. And the look of the secondary characters. Once I made my character all confident and punk looking and her personality ended up all timid and demure, about didn’t fit. Another time. She turned out looking exactly like her best friend and I was always getting confused.
I hope that answers your questions.


I prefer stories with customization because it helps me pretend I am the main character.
If you are letting the reader choose the main character’s look, then I would say go all in and let the reader choose the SO’s look, as it helps them feel a personal connection to your story! :smile:
I think it would be good to let the reader choose the love interest’s gender, because then lgbt people would be able to enjoy the story with the gender they want!

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As for the music, as long as it isn’t the same music over and over again, then you should add it in. If you are taking your time with the coding to make it perfect, why not make it even better with some music? The readers would appreciate it

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I enjoying stories with the sound off but that is personal preference. I have friends that love the music, they feel it adds emotion to the story.

I very rarely customize the characters. To me it’s not their look or the sound, or even the choices, I enjoy reading a well written story.
It’s your story and you should be able to create the characters how you see fit. When the reader clicks on your story they have decided to enter the world you created.

However, from what I’ve seen in this community, most readers won’t read a story without being able to customize and lately be able to choice their gender or love interest.

Basic choices are good but make sure they add or take away from the story line, even if it’s a same change. If your going to take the time to code a choice, make it important. :grinning:

Hope I was able to hope answer some of your questions. Good luck


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