STORY: Immortal Glory // SEASON 1 COMPLETE!

I really hope you’ll like it :pleading_face: It’s my very first published story.

TITLE: Immortal Glory
AUTHOR: Rosebudviper
GENRE: Fantasy (with elements of drama and romance)

DESCRIPTION: After the mysterious disappearance, Layla finds out she’s no longer alive. Moreover, she’s a misfit. All because she’s not who she seems to be… and neither is the Afterlife.

DETAILS: Customizable CC, tappable overlays, choices matter, point system, influence your relationships.

SNEAK PEAKS: All updates will be posted on my Instagram - RosebudViper





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If you feel like you could use some support group to get your Instagram and Episode story a little more recognition let me know here! I’d love to support people who are passionate about their writing, editing, painting etc. It could be helpful for the both of us :revolving_hearts:

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Hey! I would love to be your mutual on IG. :)) I love writing and I would love more friends in the episode community. My username is Danahs.writes, message me I’ll message back. :))

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Little off topic, since I don’t know where to write this. Hopefully, the moderators won’t mind.

I wanted to thank anyone who took their time to read my story. I accomplished more than I could even imagine in the past few days. Not only I got over 100 reads but I’ve got so many warm, encouraging and welcoming messages not only through my fanmail but also Instagram that I can’t count how many times I cried today with tears of joy! Thank you, thank you, thank you! There are no words that would describe how incredibly grateful I am to meet so many kind people who enjoyed my writing. It is really a dream come true. All I ever wanted was to have my story read and enjoyed. As I stared in one of the threads - Immortal Glory is my passion project, which I had in my mind for years but I didn’t publish anywhere until now. I’ll be writing as long as there’s someone to read it, I’ll not give up for sure.

So that being said - thank you. From the bottom of my heart :heartpulse:

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Congratulations you deserve it :heart:

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Thank you so much, Jazz :heartpulse:It means a lot to me :revolving_hearts:

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