Story in the Works: A Withering Rose

After a bunch of brainstorming and switching between drafts- I finally decided to focus primarily on one of my stories called A Withering Rose .


It’s the 1920’s; an introverted bookworm and a flapper girl. Will their times succeed in tearing them apart or will they fight for what they want?
Genre: LGBTQ+, Romance

Main Character: Dana Lyndon

Look 1:

Look 2:

Love Interest: Lorena Charmont

I want to create a team to help me find things like backgrounds and overlays and kill my writers block. I would love both overall general opinions and volunteers.


I have a background and overlay thread with my rules, but not sure if they will be much help since your story is in the 1920’s :slightly_smiling_face:

ouuu, can I see the rules and take a look?

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Yes ofc, here’s the link :smiling_face:

Perhaps @Rosenspitze could be of assistance since she has a published story based in 1926?

Sorry if you didn’t want to be tagged. You were the first person to come to mind.


I’ll give her a PM, thank you!

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I’d love to help proofread and find (maybe even edit/create if I have the tools and time) backgrounds and overlays. Are you planning on making a group chat on the forums or on Instagram?

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that sounds great! and i was gonna do a poll when i get a team whether they want it on insta or on here

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If you still need help with the 20s setting, I’d be happy to help. :blush:

@schittwriter It’s alright. You can tag me. :smile:


tysm, i’ll dm u!

idk if you’re still taking people but i’ll love to help!

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