Story Inspiration or Ideas?

So I have been trying and failing for sooo long to get a story started. I have constantly been writing an episode or two (thinking I am doing pretty well), and then get totally stuck or bored with the plot line.

I would be grateful as if anyone could maybe give me some tips on how to keep the story going without it getting boring, or maybe even giving me a plot line to go from??

Also - It would be awesome if you could give your opinion or feedback on the story I tried writing… It was about a seventeen year old who has grown up with her father being the leader of the League of Assassins (meaning she is also an assassin herself). She lives a wealthy life because of the money she get’s from her missions, but she doesn’t get along well with her father and he often finds a way to take her cut of the pay. The main plot is that her mother was murdered by who she suspects is a rival clan two years ago, and she has been trying to find the man responsible ever since and get revenge. (There will also be some romance along the way haha)

Do you think you guys would read a story that is somewhat along those lines (that plot line is very rushed and not polished up)??
Thank you! And sorry for the long as post! :slight_smile:

I can help you if you want

That would be great! Do you mean help create a plot line or? :blush:

Anything you need help with… I’m very good when it comes to ideas and dialogue

Ok, cool. :slight_smile: Do you have any ideas or suggestions that I could add to the assassin story?

I have a few ideas

Do you want me to send you them on here or IG?

I don’t have an instagram account atm, maybe PM them on here? Otherwise I can make an account now if it’s easier. @Holly_Jasmine


It’s ok

I’ll message you here just now

You can do IG whenever you want xx

Ok, thank you x

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