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Hi everyone!
I just began with my story it’s called Mission Incomplete feel free to read it, if you want. I’m posting updates daily on my instagram @chanel.write. This story is inspired and mixed with two dreams i had. All of my episode stories are going to be inspired by my dreams.

Now i like to know what everyone’s inspiration was writing their story. Because everyone is so creative and the stories are truly amazing. So what was your inspiration on writing your story?


My inspiration was also from my dreams but it was mainly Game Of Thrones and my fascination with Medieval history.


Dreams as in thoughts when you sleep or dreams as in ambitions?
Because I’ve never had a dream when I was sleeping that was that interesting that I could create a full-on story out of it! :joy:

Anyways, I probably get inspired by books or like ideas present in books that are interesting. Sometimes I just question life and create stories based off of random ideas.


oh wow so nice :star_struck:


sleeping dreams :joy:. It’s kinda funny because i always dream stories and then add some more details to it. Like dreaming about vampires, werewolfs or other things, in this case that i’m a spy and i mixed another dream of me with it. The way you get inspired to create a story is amazing tho, if I get a random idea, it usually ends up as a mess, which you can not do anything with.:joy::joy::joy:


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Sherlock holmes and doraemon


Ohhh nicee, what’s your story called?


We will meet again


I’m inspired by a bunch of different things all at once. I’m inspired by what I see happening in the world around me. I try to take today’s events and historical things and take them out of their context. I put them in a fantasy setting so that we can scrutinise and criticise without the context holding us back or making us biased.

But also I’m inspired by Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings and 1984. The Handmaids Tale helps a lot, too!


Wow that’s really fascinating, what’s your story called?


The Queen of Freaks, but I need to get the good version up :stuck_out_tongue:


Hahahaah okeyy


Life is strange and pretty little liars :smiley:

missing person theme yay.


My latest story is inspired from a place I lived some years ago.
In a small wood nearby, there was a model of the old gallows, where they in the old ages used to hang people.

When I used to walk my dog in that wood, I used to think about how it would have been to live in that area a few hundreds years ago and what kind of people who used to live there.

So my story has been in my mind for some years now.


Ohhh that’s really nice. Did you upload it too?


Thanks chanel.write
I’ve uploaded the first 3 chapters and I’m working on chapter 4 :slight_smile:


What’s you story called?


It’s called Witch Hunt
You can find it here:


Thank you, i’m defenitly gonne read it😊