Story intro help(credit will be given)(free))

Hey artists if you have time please read this,

i created this topic before says i need help with intro. That topic has many views but no one helped it make me cry :pleading_face: :cry: :disappointed:

please help me
i need help with three thinngs
intro art two type(you will know why i need two art)
how to code it(details below)
two overlays
intro art
Pose;she is holding a crown (like we take water with two hands she has crown in her hands and looking at that)

Character details

Body: Female soft
Skin tone: Gold 1
Eyes: Female generic, Aqua blue
Eyebrow: Arched thin, deep brown
Hair: Updo, chestnut brown
Face shape: Diamond long
Nose: defined neutral
Mouth: Full wide, fair gold matte
Angelin character card

her hai is hard to draw so her hair is simply loose hair straight


Angel Dress Costume Chiffon Rich Gold Midnight
Choker Jewel Square Diamond White
Stud Jewel Drop
Chrysalis Fairy Wing Polyester Blue Iridescent
Pointed Toe High Heels Pleather Complex Color

crown she holds: Angel Dress Costume Chiffon Rich Gold Midnight

Prom Queen Crown Metal Silver
or anything like this

intro art 2
character same as above
outfit; you can use any casual outfit
pose same but she id holding wings (wings mentioned before)
background -A249A5F9-A93E-4DEF-9552-F75487E35159

how to code this scene(intro)
first the background appears then after one click the first art appears then it blinks then after one click the second art appears then my story title overlay appears then tappable overlay(start the story)appears then reader will click it the story begins

i hope you get my idea

my story title overlay; Cursed wings
tappable overlay Start the story

about my story
Title; Cursed wings
genre; romance, fantasy
author;@eva_episode15 (mee lol)(insta)
describtion; Angelin is a fairy not an ordinary fairy she will be the future queen of fairies but what happens when she got cursed and become a human mortal because of some unwanted reason Full cc

now i think you got why i need two art first her fairy form appears then her human form

hair if its hard it can be loose hair but same in two art
LMK if you need more information
i will credit you in all episodes and you work will be in my highlights as long my account

i really hope i gets any help here:pleading_face: :pleading_face:
Thanks in advance :blob_hearts: :blob_hearts:

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I can help you with your intro art if you need edited. Scroll through my examples here :point_down: if you like my examples, then request if you like.

I have tapable overlays in my own story so I think I can help you with the coding too.

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thank you it means a lot to me i hope you get my idea

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i loved your examples especially this
image and i love all others

You are most welcome.

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Hello! Are you still open? I’m in need of a tapable intro.