Story Intro Ideas Needed Please and Thank You 😊

Hello, my name is Nessa and I published my first story on the app called Miss Mafia. I was looking at the intro I made when I was first writing the first episode and now that I look back at it, I realized it’s very plain and unoriginal. So with your guys help, could you give me some ideas?

The story is about a mafia, obviously, and a bit of magic. The main character is Valentina, a 22 year old living in Vienna, Austria. Valentina has powers. There is also Declan, a 24 year old and he also has powers.


Hello Nessa! How about this :

  • Make sure to have transition at the beginning of your intro.
  • If your story contains strong language etc… You can create a background yourself with a text, I think it’s even better than when you just choose the one that Episode have made.
  • If your story uses sounds and music, let the reader know by using a background as well and not the NARRATOR bubbles. It’s more original.
  • Don’t make your intro last forever, if you want it to appear in each episode, I think it has to be good and short, not too long because it can be annoying.
  • If you are using different backgrounds in your intro make sure to use transitions between each backgrounds, makes it cooler!
  • And finally, don’t forget to do a @transition fade out [color] number. And maybe open your first scene with a transition as well…

That’s what I do, maybe it will make your intro much better :blush:

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