Story Isn't Publishing

I’ve tried updating my story a couple times on different devices, but the last two chapters that I wrote are only showing up as N/A, and the past four episodes that I HAVE published say that they’ve been republished.

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Cause you didn’t write what gonna happen

Sorry, what do you mean?

The first chapter doesn’t say N/A because you wrote what this story about but on the other chapters you wrote nothing

@flapstar When you try to update, under “# of Episodes to Publish”, be sure to select “all episodes” instead of “live episodes” before you click Publish. It publishes only your live episodes on default if you didn’t select anything. You have to manually select the “all episodes” option. So if let’s say if you have 4 republished chapters and wish to publish chapter 5 & 6, select "6 (all episodes) instead of the default live episodes, "4 (live episodes only).

okay, thank you so much! I guess I didn’t look close enough, that’s really helpful :slight_smile:

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You’re most welcome. Happy to help. :hugs: