Story Length Preferences?

Hey, everyone! Out of curiosity, I was wondering your guys’ opinion on the length of episode stories. Do you prefer shorter stories with longer chapters or longer stories with normal chapters? Also, how do you feel about short stories (3 - 5 chapters) and super-long stories (30 - 40+ chapters), and why?

  • Shorter Stories with Longer Chapters
  • Longer Stories with Normal Chapters
  • Short Stories
  • Super-Long Stories
  • I Don’t Have a Preference

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I like long stories with normal chapter, just because if the story is for example a romance story, then the romance won’t be like ‘‘day one they meet’’ ‘‘chapter two they are dating’’. If the stories are longer then I feel that you can get to know the characters a bit more and a love story will be cute when it takes some time for them to fall in love.


I love love LOVE looooong chapters! I can always come back and read the rest instead of having to wait for more passes. And usually the chapter is more detailed and nothing happens too fast and I also do love long stories or better yet stories with sequels

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My story has 26 published chapters (will end at around 35) and each chapter takes around 20-25 minutes to read. That’s the length I like, but I don’t know how many people agree. I was told a few times that my chapters are too long but honestly I like it when they’re around the length of a chapter from a TV show😝

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Same hahaha. I write about this length too. It really does feel like a mini movie series… But because people are tapping that’s why it is complain to be long… I sigh every time people say this. Movie they just sit and watch without needing to tap though. Maybe that is the difference.

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My preference is shorter stories with longer chapters or just short stories in general. Some people (like me, LOL) don’t like spending passes for so long on one story only with so many chapters that other stories get left out. I guess an episode should last for about 2000-2500 lines and a story should last for about 25-30 chapters (depending upon the genre).

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Yes that’s right… so we won’t need to spend passes. We can take time to read and enjoy the story.

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Exactly…Imagine 70+ chapters…

Short stories with many passes is a bit annoying sometimes… but this might be a requirement for R4R because we have lot’s of stories to read so we want to quickly finish this as possible. Long chapters hinder this so I get their point of view too

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I write looooong chapters, which I know doesn’t appeal to everyone and I’m okay with that. It’s something between 5 000 - 8000 lines (double spaced) each chapter. I’ve been told by people it takes between 40 - 60 minutes to read. It will probably end somewhere between 30 - 35 chapters.

I personally don’t like anything under 20 minutes, it’s just my taste. I like slow burning romances (I hate first chapter hookups). I like details and getting to know the characters. I love seeing an author really caring about their story to give so much detail in it. I’m not a fan of authors who tactically make really short chapters just to increase their reads.

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For me I write Thrillers and fantasy but I dont write romances. And I prefer slightly long chapters.

10-30 episodes for a story is my preference although it doesn’t matter to me if the story has less than 10 episodes or more than 30 episodes, so long as the story line is super epic <3

And in terms to length, I prefer 5-10 mins. when reading an episode : )

When I haven’t wrote a story I enjoy longer stories. But when I wrote my own story I tend to stay away form longer stories…that means shorter stories but lots of chapters = more pass. Waste of my Pass if I’m doing R4R which I would still be doing so that others would read my story. That’s just how it is. So it not just depends on taste but the situation of the reader as well.

I guess that depends on the story. But I most prefer longer stories with chapters that are around 10-20 minutes each.

I have, like, the shortest attention span ever. If if it’s over 20 minutes, I get bored and click off the story.