Story line...? Characters?


I am looking for a story line, something everyone will like to read and also some characters, im not sure how to do the form so if u would like to dm me your names and character looks i will add them to my story x shayepisode2018


Hey there!
I want to help but do you already have some kind of idea as to what you will write? Because I don’t exactly know how far you are into figuring things out.


Im really new to episode so ive not figured out all ive done is figure out the main characters name but i am blocked on the story line


Do you have a genre for your story?


Romance? Drama? Comedy?


Okay so tell me more about this character. Is it a he or she? And what is he/she like?


It is a she named raya , she is a hopeless romantic, shes always happy even when she actually isnt, shes caring , always there for her friends , she has 2 best friends , she is loving and has a perfect life until something happens but im not sure what that something is yet


Signed in to a new account! Help! How to I start a story there is no button or link :frowning:


Well, you can go a lot of ways from there so I can give you a few ideas!

  1. If you want to go more into a mysterious story, you can write that one day one of her best friends dissapears. And it doesn’t stop there. More people dissapear by the day and strangly, these are all people Raya knows. So she decides to do something about it. On her path to the kidnapper she finds out things she never knew about her family. She struggles to maintain her caring and loving side. Luckely, a man she met during her investigation helps her when she struggles the most.

  2. You can go into a more romantic story, then you can say that her life is turned upside down when two new guys come to town. One is mysterious while the other is caring. Both of the boys seem to like her but she doesn’t know who she likes. It is a love triangle!

  3. You can also decide to go more for the fantasy side and write that one day she was in a car crash and her parents died. Raya, like you said, is always happy even when she isn’t but the accident did something to her. She first turns over to the dark side of her, leading a path of destruction when a mysterious man gets her out of her trance. He tells you what you are and that he is the same. He teachs you everything he knows and helps you while dark forces are lurking over their shoulders.

So basicaly, you should really think out of the box. What helps for me is to look at pictures, look around you or visit monuments that inspire you. I hope this was useful to you! If not you can always ask me for more ideas! :relaxed:


I don’t quite understand, what is the problem? :thinking:


I’m really new to this, I’ve played episode on mobile for ages and now I have an account and really want to write but I can’t seem to find anywhere where it says ‘create your story’ x


Thankyou so much, do you have instagram so maybe we can talk and help eachother if needed


Your welcome! And I do have an instagram, it’s @jasmin_episodewriter. And yours?


Sorry I’ve invaded your conversation haha xx


If you go to the episode write a story page there is this sign with three stripes at the top right. If you scroll down a bit you will find “create a story” written. Usually, when you click on that you get to the writer portal.


Lol, np.:joy:


Thank you so such I’ll check it out


You are welcome!:relaxed:


mine is shayepisode2018


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