Story Metrics Dashboard Available to All Authors

Yeah. Just another useless feature reminding small authors “You don’t have a lot of reads.”


The feature looks/sounds very useful yes, but it would be especially useful to small authors not the big ones. My main critic is to the way it’s being distributed not for the feature itself.

I wish it at least once was the other way around: few reads = useful feature to get more reads.


I understand you perfectly and I’m up with two hands this feature to become available for all . :butterfly:

On other hand, I understand Episode as well, because it’s in their interest to open new features for more read stories and etc. I also think that the algorithm for those types of statistics is much easier created and simple for higher numbers and bigger flow.

My personal opinion, of course. Not meaning to offend anybody :blush:

  1. Why not make another feature so authors who are new or small and don’t have many reads can see what chapters most people stop reading at so they can edit to make the story better.

  2. Or have it where people can small or big authors have an option to per-review and kind of like the contests where you select a few stories authors can sign up there story for peer-review. For example a episode section in the genres, profiles etc, bar that say “Peer-review a story” and the community can read 1-4 episodes of a story then review it in a in-app survey. The survey could ask questions like was this story a good length or was it to short/ to long and/ or what genre would this story fall into. And what are some comments for the author. Then authors can read these and improve there story prior to publish. I think it would be very helpful in my opinion but thats just my idea.


While writing this, I hope, you understand that it’s not actually some people in the Episode office decided like “Oh, let’s set the minimum of 300 reads, that would be fun”.
Because that minimum amount most likely was set by the counting algorithm. So, apparently, it can give precise data only with this amount of reads within the last 30 days. Also, for all Episode contests there is a qualifying criteria of 100 reads to count the retention, because below this number the machine cannot calculate the exact retention. So, the same approach goes for the metrics Episode provided for everybody.

@Melani3 that’s such great news! I’m happy that now authors can have more detailed data of the story! Thank you :ok_woman:t3::blue_heart:


This new feature is pretty cool! It can really help authors to get a better understanding on how their story is performing! :yellow_heart::sparkles:


I’m super excited this feature is here to help authors more!! :star_struck: I was excited to use it, but i don’t think I’ve ever gotten 300 reads in 30 days in the five years I’ve had stories published so I guess I’m S.O.L :woman_shrugging:t3:
I’ll just be happy for those who can utilize it lol

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Of course I understand that. :relaxed:
It’s not the minimun reads (thought I think it could have been set at maybe 100 like the contest entries usually are) that I see as a problem it’s the time during wich you have to achive it. To get 300 reads during a month for a new author with not that many readers is really hard. Especially since there’s no good way to advertise your story on the app.
All shelves are made for the already established authors and it didn’t get easier to be seen with the new gem ranking system.

I don’t want to add gem choices to my stories. I create my own stories (and read others stories) on Episode because I’ve found it to be a unique and fun way to showcase stories, and I honestly don’t care about getting paid or ranked as long as people enjoy them. And I happilly supoort the authors whoms stories I read and enjoy.
But lately I find it hard to enjoy it the way I used to do. The app is changing too much lately and it all seem to be about money nowadays, and that saddens me. :sob:
And yes I understand that it’s originally a company and that they need to make money of it for it all to work, but there are good ways and there are bad ways to do this.

But this is just my opinion. Not everyone (or anyone) have to agree with me in this.


I’m sorry but in your case I’m really not sure why you need statistics. They don’t contain chapters retention information (to improve your chapters) and they won’t improve your reads either. It’s just the information. If you are convinced that having statistics would help you get out of the new writers / small author zone, you can count the reads by yourself and check if anything changes.

With 300 reads per month, it’s not more than 10 reads daily. If you have the idea how to use this data, try to write it down and check after a month if a knowledge about your reads made your stories better read.


Well, It’s no big secret that I’m not very fond of the gem system and that I think there are better ways to handle things :roll_eyes:
My opinion is still that I think it should be easier to have access to the feature, that’s all.

Not to mention that the title even says available to all authors and that in itself is a contradiction since it obviously isn’t.


I think that this is a great thing! Although, it would be nice to be available to everyone, including small authors(such as myself) who don’t even have 300 reads yet! For larger authors, this is a great thing to see where your story stands, but for the small authors, it’s completely useless.

Also- I’m not gonna say any names here, but Episode is trying their best, and not to mention, ranting on the Forums isn’t gonna help your case anyways. So… I guess what I’m trying to say is- A few years ago, no one knew-or cared what Episode is, and now we all take it for granted. Just think about that, the next time you post something :wink:


This feature is rolling out to all published stories with at least 300 reads in the past 30 days today!

Will the dashboard appear when we hit 300 reads in 30 days or did we already need to have that requirement? I just reached it and am wondering if I should be checking for this feature!

Update: the dashboard appeared the next day :slight_smile:


The feature should appear since you have met the requirement :blush:


I 100% agree here. But as it was stated above, it is very tricky to get accurate stats for any authors below 300. So while 300 reads in 30 days isn’t ideal at all, it’s the most logical way to do things—since readings wouldn’t be as accurate otherwise. Once you do get the dashboard it’ll never disappear though (at least for that story), even if you do drop under 300 in 30 days.


Can anyone explain me…
In the Gems section… What is the difference between Gem Choices and Other/Uncategorised ?

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My gems counting doesn’t count properly…
I have only support author in my story and my gems are in section Other/Uncategorised.

You need to name your gem choices in the brackets.

For example:

Do you want to support me?

choice (author_support_1)
<GEMS:5>“Sure!” {

Thank you! I really appreciate it!

} “No sorry! Maybe next time.” {

No worries!


Also (in my experience) if you had people select gem choices before this was implemented, they’ll fall into “uncategorized” even if you re-named them. It doesn’t work retroactively.

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It goes into Other if you don’t name the choices as per the Episode list (points, early access, support, etc.)

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Yes, it only remembers the name of the choice when the choice is selected. So re-Naming it will not work retrospectively. And anyone who needs to re-read a chapter where the gem choice was renamed will now have to pay again to select it, because the system remembered the old name.

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