Story name change

Happy New Year, may 2019 be good to you all!!

I done a poll on instagram and got 50/50 in response to a name change, Trouble and Lies is the story I have been contemplating changing the name for awhile so I thought why not ask the community what who’ve read my story what they thought and didn’t really get much of a response from that since it was 50/50 I decided to do a tie breaker in hopes to get another vote for yes or no again with no luck, so here I am on the forums I’ve made the choice to change the name.

Here’s the cover for the story.

Rose is a 16yr old girl who has been told that her mother died during child birth, when she turned 6 her father left her brother in charge of taking care of Rose. She’s suffered with Anxiety and Depression since her father left and made worse by other kids at her school.

Aged 16 she goes to the shops to return something she paid for just days earlier, they claim there’s no record of such purchase. She runs to her place and packs a few things then runs to her friends who gets a mate to help with the situation after calling her brother. after being taken away from it all she asks the questions they believe she’s not ready to hear. In chap 9 she over hears something that causes her to take off, the flashbacks after her disappearing reveal what Rose’s family do or rather whom they really are at this point she has no idea what her family really do or anything.

Her father trained her up until she was 6 when he ‘left’, since she’s being protected by this ‘friend’ her mental health has gotten better, since she started her training again with him he’s 24 and her brother is 25, her brother doesn’t want to take over their fathers “business” him being the heir and all but she’s to take over hence her training, they’ve tried to protect her from a dangerous life bust since she’s been wanted from an early age it was only a matter of time before she would be forced into such a life that she has no idea about despite her mental health she’s a strong woman who could be a great leader.

What do you think the name should be changed to? or Do you think it should keep it’s current name?

Give me ideas in the comments…

I want new covers so I need to know if anyone thinks it should have the current name or change it, before I get new covers done.

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Maybe ‘Alone’ since it kind of relates to depression and stuff

Im actually going to check this story out

Maybe “The Troubled Child”?