Story name forgotten

Does anyone know the story where the MCs mother is an angel and she dies and has a letter from her mother that she cant open unless she dies and the MC has 2 LI


I think it was Living a dream by Mystique :blob_hearts:

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Oh it is thank you (is it discontinued?)

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yeah, I think so also the author uploads episode from time to time so I don’t know if she’s going to continue writing it but, hopefully she does :sneezing_face: :blob_hearts:

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I’ve forgotten the name of a story I read ages ago. Someone help please. It was about this girl who fell in love with a robot human after she hit him with her car accidentally and took him to the hospital, they didn’t know each other. The girl is the daughter of a couple, who weren’t allowed to be together when they were teens because the boy in the couple his dad raped or almost raped the girl’s mom. Also the couple were in a story but i can’t remember the name of that either.


omg ik what story your talking about let me find it real quick
(of the girl who fell in love with a robot human )
And i think for the 2nd ive seen a story like that but i can’t remeber

is the story LIFELIKE by cindy gaultier

yh that’s the name of the first story and i thought the second story was made by the same author but it’s not and i also wanna know the name of that but thanks for helping

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Oh yeh btw the second story is him and i beacsue her mother was raped by the LIs father hope thats the story and its by Melia A.

Oh the story i was talkin about was the kid of the mc in love lust and lies

LIFELIKE jdbkajd

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I forgot the name of the story, the story began with a rich family who had I child named Rainier. I dont know how it went but later in the story the main character and rainier find a place where they are save (a house in the woods) they are training to shoot with guns and how to fight.

Please can someone help me? Thank you.

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