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I have so much respect for episode authors before when I read I didn’t understand the dedication in episode authors and authors in general. I used to think why don’t they publish more often I want more chapters! Once I started writing it took me a few days to learn the basics (spot directing and using backgrounds and choices ) I spent 1 day planning my plot the story was called Mafias little angel I realised it was very similar to another story (that I love) The Mafia and His angel so I completely changed it to The Devil and His Angel and I wrote 3 episodes and I thought they seemed rushed so I re-did them and then I ended up completely hating them (I didn’t want to publish something I didnt like) so I completely changed the plot again to a vampire story and changed all of the characters names and I kept the story name then I thought it was too cliche and then I changed the story AGAIN and asked opinions for the name and I loved Seeking Intimacy (Thanks @allycat411 for the name idea. I am sorry I am not going to use it now) and then I made 3 episodes on them then I relised my I hate my plot again so I just changed the full thing again and I have finally got a plot but I do need a new name for my story its going to be my final attempt!

My story is about a girl who was taken advantage of by her father (he forced her to become a singer and he keeps all of the money what she makes) and her mother was murdered when she was 13. The girl completely gave up on everything and she refused to go anywhere then her father had enough because she wasn’t making him money so he sold her on the black market to the leader of
The Romeo gang then she is in the house of the gang leader. I know cliche but I can not tell you the bits of the plot what makes it un cliche! Anyways what should the name of my story be? :yellow_heart:

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Abuse is such a heartbreaking thing.

I think since she’s spent most of her life in a cage I’d do something bird/wing related.

Clipped Wings
(I think this title works since she’s been unable to fly due to the abuse and everything she’s gone through)

Learn To Soar or Learning To Soar
(If there’s a love interest or person that helps her gain confidence and escape her caged life this would be a wonderful one to use).

Canary / The Caged Canary
A canary is a small domesticated songbird that’s kept in a cage so I thing that would bring the music element in wondefully.

Either that or

The Caged Songbird

I hope you like these and if you need anymore help, I’m always available. If you do use any of these, then I just please ask you give me credit at least once, please.

Good luck with your story!
thatwritingweirdo :heart:

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Thank you I will defiantly credit you your Ideas are so good! :yellow_heart:

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I’m glad you like them x

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You can Trapped inside or Let it all out

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