Story name idea?

Hey guys! i’m currently working on a story but i have NO IDEA what to call it

So a quick brief of the story a queen is on her deathbed so she has to choose her successor and her granddaughter Camilla ultimately steps up to the job. camilla is strict and old fashioned (this is set in modern day) and if she ruled, the kingdom wouldn’t be free to live happily but no one can stand up to her because she is scary even her little sister (who couldn’t claim the throne because of her age)

until one day a white haired girl (Eira pronounced ay - ra who’s the mc ) shows up at the castle and surprises them by saying she was the daughter of the king before he remarried the queen. so camille sister wants her to overthrow camille to have the throne instead

a battle starts to see who can be the best queen with lots of challenges begins ie proper etiquette, hosting a ball

i hope you can think of a good name thanks

The rightful heir to the throne
One whos better

(Sorry if these are terrible)

May the Best Queen Win


2 Queens for the kingdom
2 Queens for one kingdom
2 Queens for a kingdom
Royal Step Sisters
Quest for the throne
The royal successor
That’s all I got xD

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This actually is very interesting (the 1st one)

  • The Royal Battle
  • The Royals
  • Drama in The Kingdom
  • The King’s Daughter
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Dethroning the Queen

Royal Pain
Throne Wars

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My Queen