Story Name Ideas And Story Cover

Hi I need a few ideas for my story name I have right now Back To You but I’m not sure the basic storyline is this girl has a fling with this guy and she ends up catching feelings but he thinks of it as just a fling it sounds cliche but there is more to the story than that and I was just wondering if anybody had any story names if I like it I will be sure to credit you and also I was wondering if anyone does story art covers for free if not that’s ok thank you


Here’s a list of pretty much every art shop on the forums! You can request a story cover from one of them!


Thank you :grin: :yellow_heart:

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Np, if you have any questions feel free to DM me or something!

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Ok thank you I appreciate it

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Also if anyone sees this I’m still looking for story names please

Hey I have some story ideas

Do you mean story name ideas of story ideas because I already have my story idea

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Story ideas and names

Also I’m good with descriptions I can give you examples I’ve done for people if you like :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::blush:

I can pm you them

oh ok can i hear the story name ideas

Yeah I will pm you them

Can you give me little bit more details. It will help me come up with a good title.?!

Some title ideas:

Truistic Love
Truistic Crush
Truistic Catch
Truistic Feelings
Are Feelings Truistic?

Truistic means a self evident truth which is hard to explain and undrstood by others
Here its hard for the boy to understand her feelings…

Am not thaaaaat good at titles but thgt to help
Hope this was helpful!! :blush:


Feeling more
Feeling one sided
Can’t stop this feeling

Its just a fling-or not
She aint the one
Not my girl
Not my type

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Omg that’s so funny. I’m literally working on a story right now that’s titled “Back To You.” lmao! For mine, my friend and I like doing stories together and we each play characters. I play the new girl (she has a twin sister) and there’s a whole family (7 siblings: 5 boys and 2 girls. 2 boy-1 girl triplets, 1 boy-1 girl twins.) For my storyline (I made a separate story from mine and my friends’ to get my own ideas out), I had my character have hidden feelings for one of the triplets, but she puts those feelings aside for years. The family (my character/MC’s mom is best friend’s with the mother of the family of 7 kids) moves to another state and then something happens to my character that makes her, her sister and mom to move to the same state as the family friends. When she and the triplet see each other, all those feelings come rushing back and throughout the story, they have an on and off relationship because they both have anger issues/a short temper, so they get into fights… a lot. But they end up together in the end. :grin: Since there’s hella characters in our story, it lets me give all of them arcs in the story when I work on my own version of it.