Story name ideas for new story?



I need a few ideas for my new story. I was thinking of “Maybe Someday” but not sure that that’s the best I can use. Help me out, please! :blush:

Here’s a little description of my story for context: Childhood friends Neil and Kinsley lose touch when Kinsley moves to Italy for the opportunity of a lifetime. But little does Kinsley know, Neil’s been in love with her since as far as he can remember! When things don’t pan out, will Neil still be waiting for her in their hometown and will she finally realize what she’s been missing out on?


I’m new too but I think about WHAT’S MISSING? what do you think


Hmm, that sounds good too. Have any other ones in mind? :thinking:


Piece by piece? because she has to put the pieces together that neil has always loved her? I’m not sure its just a suggestion:)


I like that! Thanks :blush:


Left Behind or Falling Back maybe? thinking about the aspect of him still being in the hometown


Omg I LOVE those! It’s gonna be hard to pick between them :thinking:


Happy to contribute!


Hit or Miss! / Summer of Love? - they sound good but are pretty generic titles, you want something flashy and unique, am I right? So, if I get a better idea, I’ll share ; )


Lol Hit or miss reminds me of Jacob Sartorius :joy: but yeah, please do!


Invisible Love?