Story Name Ideas

Hey, so just like the title said i need a name for my story
So my story is about a popular mean girl who isnt really mean. she seems really shallow and only has a goal to win prom queen and nothing else. A geek in the movie/newspaper club wants to make a movie about her for a contest but his real motives is to show the whole world how shallow and cruel she really is. The girl isnt actually mean but she feels she has to be like that to be liked and together they eventually fall in love blah blah blah
i did i REALLY rough copy of the story and i had the idea from a movie i watched although the storyline is the same i did make it as unique as i could before you all shout “COPYRIGHT” in the comments lol
anyway i really need a nice name however i dont want anything bland like Popular girl and the nerd cuz come on thats srsly the WORST title ever :roll_eyes: :slightly_frowning_face: so maybe things like mask ( cuz she puts up a mask infront of everyone) or IDK cuz thats why im here XD
thanks BYEEE

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The Real Me

Mask of Deception

Who am I?

Fake Queen

(Here’s some ideas)


omg love them!! they’re rlly cool i think i definitely might use them

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