Story names ideas?

So I just started my new story. It’s about a girl(the MC Melanie) that has sad past and bAd BoY(the LI Alexander). Alexander has sad past too and he isn’t a bad boy when you get to know him(he is a bit softie). He used to be in gang but since he lost someone he left.
So everything will start when Melanie decide to go for a walk at 4am. She will hear gunshots and she will see that gangster(NOT THE LI) has killed someone and he will see her too. He will kindapp her. But few hours later Alexander will come at his house(they are good friends) and he will see her. Alexander will lie that she is his gf and the biggest chaos will get started.
Since that breaks the guidlines I am not going to describe his criminal life(it’s not necessary anyway)

Sorry for the bad English. It isn’t my first language.

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What about "Everything started that night"

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“Dragged into fate”

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Just Like Fate

Maybe “It happened that night”. :wink::wink:

It Started with A Lie
Playing With Fire (I love story titles that are not direct to the point.)
Just A Lie/Just An Excuse
That Night

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