Story: Need some Age Gaping & Trauma Bonding advice

Forget it.

The second picture applies to the age consent laws and mindset to the MC,
Technically both have to abide by that law, yes. But I mean in a mental aspect of what is taught.

Hi, so I am Italian. In Italy it’s illegal if you’re 17 and you have s*x with a person of 18 y/o but it’s legal having a relationship with a older person without having sex. I you dont know if episode will let you post it. I don’t rlly know anything about this stuff. For examples, there’s this really famous movie, called Call Me By Your Name (by Luca Guadagnino), where a teen (Elio) is 17,and he is involved sexually in a relationship with another man(Oliver) of 24 y/o. This movie won a Oscar, but lots of people commented that it’s illegal for a 17 man to have sex with a 24 y/o men.

This isn’t about the guidelines. I also think this goes by the region of Italy as well. My thread focuses more on how would it play out in the story. I know the MC and LI can’t have sex. Thank you for the attempt.

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Oh sorry I didn’t realize:( sorry I couldn’t help

Well, if I write something that offends. I tried.

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