Story not showing up in app

I was writing my story and wanted to preview it on the app, but the story isn’t showing up on “Create”. I already made it so it appears in my story list, but I don’t see it on My Stories, help!

Have you ever previewed the story before? Or was that the first time?

It’s the first time I tried on the app

I’ve been stupid before… just had to scroll trough my stories to find it lol

I only have 2 other stories visible…

That’s strange! Send in a ticket?

Yeah I might have to

Ok, I sent in a ticket and they said it’s because of a recent update that basically makes it so that if your story has less than (400 lines or 3 chapters), it doesn’t show up on the “Create” thing. But one of my stories are for learning new coding things and testing them, and it has 20 lines and still shows up-

I’ll see if it works after I’ve written more

Never heard of that, I also have some tests that have 30 lines and they show up