Story not showing up in “Create” tab?

Hi! So, I don’t know if this has been covered or not (feel free to redirect if it has, I just haven’t found anything) buuuut, I started writing a story on the portal and I went to check it out on the app, and it wasn’t there. I logged out and tried again, but still nothing.

I don’t know if this helps the case or not, but: I have backgrounds in the story that are still pending approval. Maybe that’s what all this is? I have no idea.

Any help is appreciated!! :slight_smile:

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You need to have 400 lines for 3 episodes. At least, this is what episode says. Mine shows up without the minimum after a few days.

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So, I need to have the minimum to preview the story even if it isn’t published?

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I don’t think that’s the case. Because I have a story that’s designated for just making covers, and it has less than 400 lines and I can still preview that on the app.

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That’s what episode will say if you submit a ticket. If you wait a few days, it’ll show up.

I know.

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Sometimes the story shows up, but it’s a “known issue” that occasionally, a story with < 3 episodes won’t show on your app. I had the same problem over 2 years ago lol and all I had to do was add two more episodes. I haven’t had the same issue again, even with only one episode.

Your one you make covers with was probably created prior to the update that now makes you have 400 lines per episode and 3 episodes for it to be seen in the app. They said any stories that were prior to the update with less than these requirements now will continue to show but not new stories created until you have a min of 3 episodes with 400 lines.

Hi Jemma,

Thanks for writing in. Mobile Creator has historically had issues with displaying stories that have fewer than 3 chapters completed. Recently, there was an update released that made it so any new stories with fewer than 3 chapters will not display in the app, although stories that don’t meet this requirement that were written before this update still appear.

For the time being, I’m afraid you will need to use the web previewer to preview your stories. Otherwise, your story will appear in Mobile Creator after you have written at least 3 chapters with at least 400 lines of customization each.

Please let us know if you have any other questions. Thanks for playing, and have a great day!


Hi plz help me it’s not letting ing me create a story it just wont show up can someone plz help me