Story not showing up in Playable Stories

I’m trying to edit my story on my phone, but when I go to ‘Playable Stories’ it isn’t there. Please help

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Your story must have at least 3 episodes with at least 400 lines of script in each episode for it to show up in your “Playable Stories” in the app. Also, make sure that you are signed in with the same email you used to sign into the portal.

But I’m trying to edit it

You still need 3 episodes with 400 lines in each.

so i cant go into the app and do like spotting i have to do it all in preview now?

You just need to have 3 episodes with 400 lines in each for it to show up. It doesn’t need to be published.

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so i CANT do spot directing on the app?

You can by doing what I said above.

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Do you happen to know why that is? I have trouble with making long stories so is there any other way to see it in the Episode App?

I don’t know the reason, I just know that it’s a new update. Those 3 chapters with 400 lines in each don’t need to be published. You can just add 2 more episodes and write “@pause for a beat” 400 times or copy and paste a template into each episode, then click save. Then check the app to see if your story showed up, and if it does just go back into those episodes and delete everything.

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Interesting :confused:

@Dara.Amarie @LilYeetery I don’t think you need to have 3 chapters to play a story. I have 2 stories and both are under 3 chapters but I did have the same issue with it not showing up. I refreshed a lot, and deleted the app and it showed up after that so I don’t think it’s a chapters problem. But you do need 3 chapters to publish your story (making it playable to everyone).

When you create a new story, you do need to have 3 chapters with 400 lines in each. I had this problem last year so I submitted a ticket about it and the support team informed me about a new update where new stories need those requirements to show up under your playable stories in the app. I did what they said and it worked. Even now when I create new stories, they don’t show up until I add 2 more chapters and add those 400 lines in each. I’m not sure if they updated the app recently to fix this problem, but this is what needed to be done to get your new story to show up in the app.


Wow that’s very strange :thinking: