Story Not Showing Up On The App (FIXED)

Hi. I’m Winter. I started a new story today on the Episode writers portal. When I go onto the app to using the directing helper on my story, my story does not appear there so I can’t find it. I used the share link for myself and it took me to my story but only as a shared story, not my story so I couldn’t edit it. Please somebody help me!

~ Winter :slight_smile:

INK, like I’ve done before.

Nevermind. I’ve submitted a ticket to the Episode team. :slight_smile:

@Ryan @Jeremy Episode, can you close this topic please? My issue is fixed. :slight_smile:

Maybe if you tag @Ryan he will close it!

Thanks, done. :smile:

Special thanks to the community and our support team for the assist! Resolved and closing. :mage:

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