Story not showing up to test

Hey guys,

I’m having an issue. I have already contacted support, just thought I would see if I’m the only one having this issue.
I just started a new story and it’s not coming up on the mobile app in the create section so I can test it. Is this a known issue?


it happened to me too when I started a new story. have you created all the characters and outfits? Also, sometimes it takes a while to appear. do you have other stories that appear on the previewer?

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restarting the app or the phone could help

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omg same im heartbroken i was doing custom ols and they’re in a really posh font and i needed to check if they were big enough to read on a phone but i cant :angry:

It needs to have at least 3 episodes with 400 lines each, otherwise you won’t see it

None of my other stories I have started have 3 episodes or 400 lines and they appear

@AlexandraD I will try that

Edit: I stand corrected @Zey you were right they put an update out that no longer puts your stories in the app without at least 3 episodes and 400 lines but all previous ones prior to update will still show up.

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@Sydney_H @Jeremy @Melani3 this can be closed thank you.

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Closed by OP request. :smiley: @Penance since Jeremy is no longer admin on the forum, make sure to tag @Nick instead to close topics :grin: