Story of the Month (Open through Friday 11/23)

Epi Foody Reviews is hosting its first ever Story of the Month!!
The inital voting closes Wednesday, so make sure you go vote. This voting will narrow the field down from 31 stories to 10.
Make sure you follow Epi Foody Reviews on Instagram so you can keep up with the progress of the Stroy of the Month contest and take part in other contests!

Voting for Phase 3 (narrowing the top 8 stories down to the top 3) is NOW OPEN!!! Voting will be open till the 23rd of November, so if you haven’t read the stories yet, you have time to read some. See the stories that are in the contest on our Instagram:

Vote here! (You can only vote once)


There’s my story in the voting! :heart_eyes: My first real story contest!


how did you guys select the stories? What are the rubrics? :slight_smile:

Readers nominated stories on our Instagram. They had to be user stories.
There are 4 phases to the month long contest
Phase 1: Nominations
Phase 2 (where we are now): Initial voting - readers vote through our form, they have 2 days. After the 2 days we narrow the contest down from the 31 nominated stories to the 10 with the most votes.
Phase 3: There is a 2 week time period for readers to read as many of the top 10 as they want and then they revote. After the two weeks we narrow it from 10 to 3.
Phase 4: The members of Epi Foody Reviews read the top 3 and select our favorite as the winner.

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Voting is still open!! Make sure you go vote for story of the month! There are a lot of great stories to chose from!

Voting for phase 3 is now open!!! Go and vote through the link in the original post!