Story Off A Username - GAME


I have not made a game in the Forums Community section in a long time so don’t blame me for not having great ideas…

This game is very simple and in my opinion fun!

I will start by making a story off someone’s username (idk one of my forums friends) and tag them… then someone else has to do off my Username! Here is an example:

@FreakyEvilMargs (me): @ChayChay was a famous dish around the world, until chow mein competes with this fantastic dish! :joy::joy::thinking::thinking::thinking:

@jessie.writer (example Username) : A girl named Margs is freaky & evil, she hunts down people by signing her name, etc…
@Mr.Robinson (example Username): Jessie is a famous writer. What could go wrong? Her relationships? Or something else…

And so on and so forth! You may not take another username or invent one, you must take it after the person before you…


@Hope_fully (don’t get mad at me for tagging you sorryyyyy!)
Hope had a lot of hope, hence her name. She loved everything and was full of hope. Until a tragedy hit her town. Is she really full of hope now?

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Hope is hopeful, she moved to a new town where noone knew her name, she forgot all about her old town, she started a new life, with a new name. @faithepisode

I HOPE i did this right

Welp, not really…you should’ve of done it based on my username.

Excuse me?

Okay…just not very polite.

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What??? This is not a help thread

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