Story on app editing on pc

If I’ll edit my story on pc, I won’t be able to continue writing my story on app?

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Yes… :sweat:

Too bad, I wanted to add music to my story, but I don’t get all that coding lol

You can watch Joseph Evans on YouTube. That would help you cover the beginning then, if you have any questions you can ask on the forums.

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To second this! I was clueless, but I followed a long with a few of his episodes and I’m pretty decent with the programming now!

It took me about two days (of free time, so maybe a total of 8 hours?) to write a fully directed script. He’s easy to follow along. :grin:

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Or you could finish all episodes, and then add music if you’re going to publish all of them at once, but if not, I suggest the suggestions by the others on this thread :slight_smile: