Story on the BLM Movement?

Hi! I thought about writing a story on the BLM movement that’s going on right now. I’m a POC and I’d just like to express my feelings into a story. I’m just afraid that I will do something wrong or offend someone? I’d really just like some advice on how to go about this

Edit: So apparently some people thought this post was inappropriate? Your racism is showing lol


Just letting you know stories can’t follow a real life Political movement or Agenda.

It says it in the guidelines :smile:

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Hmm I also wanted to add some social issues also but if you take a look at the content guidelines it says:

If stories contain objectionable or offensive content, we may not be able to feature or host them on Episode. Stories must always be appropriate for all readers ages 13 or older, which means content would be objectionable if it, among other things:

excessively promotes a political agenda.

Here, you can take a look at it if you want more details :slightly_smiling_face:
Hope this helped! :blush:

Hey there @katiekinssz !

Wanted to clarify our guidelines, a story about the Black Lives Matter movement would not be considered excessively political. Please feel free to write it!


I was thinking about this too. Do it!

I had this thought earlier today as well! I think it would be great if you write a story that would raise awareness! If you need any help whatsoever be it direct-wise or something else, I’ll be happy to help! It’s important for these stories to be present as they will especially impact the younger audience.

But is that not a story based around a political movement therefore classing it as excessive as that is all the story is based on?

The fight for human rights is not political.

It has do with the basic right to live. Which is not something that is is questionable, or up for debate. Therefore, it has nothing to do with politics and I’m talking about the movement itself. Other people brought politics into it, but when you take away all those factors the movement itself is just about being able to live.

That’s being said if you post a BLM story on episode you have my full support @katiekinssz

2 Likes I would disagree but let’s move on.

@DreamChaser I get what you’re saying! Just the way it’s presented on the news it just seems very political. No worries though :slight_smile:

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