Story Partner Needed Urgently

I am looking for a partner to write a romance story with me (LimeLight)

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Will u help mi

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Maybe. Do you have a plot?

No but please help me

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Click on my picture and press message.

Ok. I will.

No I’ve already got a chat so how do I add u to that

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Oh. Go to the first message and press made or remove and put my username in.

Can you please help me find a partner

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Yes. I can be your partner.


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I’m Looking For A Writing Partner

The Story Is Romance

Can Anyone Please Help Me?

I am looking for a Writing Partner

Can anyone help me please


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Sorry, I’m not interested.

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Can I Please Have A Writing Partner

That’s Ok :cry:

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Please someone help me

I Need A Writing Partner

If Interested Then Comment Intrested

Or If You Aren’t Interest Then Comment Not Interested

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