Story partner!?

I have a story I wanna do but can’t seem to figure out all the coding that goes along with it if someone would like to help me out I’d appreciate it! (:

I happy to help!

Thank you! This is my first ever story so I’m not sure how well I’m gonna be at it! Plus I’m doing it off my phone right now too so idk if that’s going to make it harder on me or not.

okay well doing on the phone is easy i usually write stories on my desktop if you do try writing on desktop here is someone that helped me now on the phone try her

Thank you! I’ll definitely check them out! Once I’m home I’m thinking doing it on the computer will be my best bet I just like being able to create while I’m not at home as well.

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then yeah the second link will help you work on your phone

Would you happen to know how to do a phone screen background like my character is texting?

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yes that is an overlay
here i only know how to do it on desktop
@PERSON1 spot 0.209 -73 442 and PERSON2 spot 0.038 316 518

Person2 is typing...


Thank you! I’ll try it out whenever I get home and can get on my computer.

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sure no problem

Would you be okay with me just messaging you whenever I have questions? I know I’m gonna have a lot lol

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Do you know how to add in backgrounds that someone makes?