Story Partners Needed (Writer, coder, etc.)

My new story “Fake ID” is in need of a partner (or multiple).

PLOT: Ex drug-dealer Hilary finds herself in a car crash with her childhood friend/accomplice, Liz. With the police after her, she must run from her old life and form a new one.

WHERE TO APPLY: Reply to this thread with your skill(s) of speciality, or simply PM me.

This story is in Limelight.


I can make art and also what style is your story in?

I’m alright at designing characters. I like to think I’m good at coding, lol.

I guess I’m a good coder. And I’m kind of creative as well so… At least that’s what my friends say :blush:. What I mean is, if you’re interested, I’d like to be one of your partners :grin:

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