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I have a story idea, and I would like the opinions of y’all for it. I have multiple ideas, but the starting idea was her estranged sister was found dead in her apartment, so the MC will accept a job at the White House, believing it was someone she worked with.

But, I would also like the president to possibly be a love interest (AND YES! HE WILL BE YOUNG, the youngest for a president is 35, so he’ll be 36.) And, I think he may have a kid around the age of eight, from his previous marriage.

So, as you can see, I have literally no clue how to put together a story directing everything together for a proper, fitting story. I wouldn’t mind getting rid of the first idea, but I don’t want it to be specifically a love story. I would like it to be more of a action/romance story.

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this is actually a really good storyline!

i think that you should start by outlining the storyline and plotting the scenes that are really important, and make sure both action and romance are balanced throughout the events of your story. make sure the events and scenes you make in your story correlate to the real plot. i think when the MC works with the white house, she should also fall in love with the LI but at the same time, she can work alongside trying to find the person who murdered their sister.

also, you should take note of each character and how they affect the story (basically antagonist, protagonist, etc) and basically make a little summary of each character’s personality, mannerisms, importance, etc


Thank you!

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Do you have any ideas for titles? I’ve been thinking of some, but I would like to get other people’s insight.

you’re looking for a romance/action title, correct?


i can list some:
Eye to Eye (depends if the MC and LI are like enemies to lovers stuff)
Dedication To The Cause
Under Covers
Take My Life
Breaking Point
Bulletproof Love
Partners In Crime
His Sidekick
Bonnie & Clyde (doesn’t make sense though since they both work for the white house lol)
Fighting By Your Side
Hand In Hand

thats all i can think of but you can always refer to story title shop which is where i got ideas from


Thank you! I really like Dedication to the Cause, but I’ll definitely check out the story title shops!

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Okay, what do you think about Discovering Justice?
I’ve liked your title ideas, so I figured I should run this by you.

that sounds really good for the story. have you made any changes to the plot?

No, I haven’t. But I have a idea of the antagonist and the reasoning.

whats ur idea?

I’ll message you.

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