Story Playlists?


I know some authors have playlists that they listen to while they write. Here you can post your playlists! And random playlists that you love too!
Here’s mine on Google Docs…

And on Spotify…

Here’s mine. I listen to it while I’m writing my story, TMPS (The Most Powerful Scream)


Never heard of any of these songs I’ll check it out :joy:


I don’t know if it’s too late, but some of my songs:

Little Mix- Touch (literally listening to it right now lol)
Imagine Dragon- Believer
Chris Brown- Drunk Texting
Beyonce- Partition
Lady Gaga- LoveGame
Taylor Swift- Blank Space
Bebe Rexha- No Broken Hearts
Becky G- Break A Sweat

And there are more, but these are a few.


It’s never too late! I’ll check them out!


Want more?




Demi Lovato- Sexy Dirty Love
Little Mix- Salute
Little Mix- DNA
(Little Mix is my favorite band, I listen to their songs a lot)
Meghan Trainor- Lips Are Moving
Katy Perry- Dark Horse

That’s all for now. They are all really beaty, you should check them out!


I definitely will!


Great songs right there.


Closing due to one month of inactivity :slight_smile: