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Hi everyone! My name is Maisie and I’m a fairly new Episode writer. I’m currently working on my first Episode story called ‘Til Death Do Us Part’ which tells the story of a princess who falls in love with her bodyguard after a series of events. I need help with deciding which personality I should give the princess (or the M/C) - the ‘troublemaker’ who drove her past bodyguards insane to the point where nobody wanted to be hired, or the prim and proper princess who is stubborn and believes that she doesn’t need saving.


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Everybody expects a princess in any story to turn rouge because of her lifestyle, always being told what to do, where to go, how to dress ect…

If the Princess acts like a princess, then you are changing the setting for how real life princesses like Duchess Kate and Meghan or Princess Charlotte, you are opening up a new world of exploring how they actually act.

Meghan was an actress and Kate was a common girl from England. They came into the royal world not knowing what to do.

You will be showing the readers a different side to Princesses.


Thank you so much!

No problem,

If you need any more help, I’m right here xx

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