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Does anyone have any teenage love story ideas or romance story ideas? If you do please reply to this, I could really use your input.

You promise your best friend to help them find the perfect place to ask their crush out on a date. However, through the searching, you find yourself falling in love with them bit by bit. Will you have the chance to confess before they ask out their crush? Or is their happiness more important than yours?


It’s senior year, exams are over and everyone is chilling in school, since you’ve always been a “nerd” and unpopular person, you decide to change that. You and your best friend (who is also a nerd and a boy :wink:) both decide to go to a party, in the party you begin flirting with the jocks and your best friend ends up leaving the party. Whilst the popular jock is falling head over heels for you, your best friend announces he is leaving. But what happens when you were in love with him all along?

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Some form of clique wars, but not the typical “losers vs jocks/preps/cheerleaders” dynamic. She’s into drama, he’s a musician, the two cliques are always fighting over resources and rehearsal spaces because the school’s budget favours sports and academics. This year’s school play is to be a musical extravaganza; your main character and one of the musicians land the two leading roles. There’s a drama guy who wants to date the main character; he gets mad when he doesn’t get the male lead role, especially because it means the musician guy gets to kiss you. Instead, he lands the role of the villain.


You are awarded the one-and-only annual scholarship to attend Gildervere Academy; a British boarding school for the richest of the rich. The love interest is literal royalty; but despite their status, they avoid the limelight. You are somehow blissfully unaware that they are royalty, but the reader knows.

You’re the iron-fisted queen of your highschool; until your mum loses her job and you have to move to a different area. At your new school, you’re nobody. The Queen Bee of this school is EXACTLY like you used to be - call it karma. The only person who shows you compassion is a guy whose sister killed herself (or tried to) because of the Queen Bee’s bullying. He can’t prove it, so she’s never been brought to justice. What he doesn’t know is that you used to be just as bad as her.

you somehow end up dating your long lost sibling…

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