Story plot ideas

I want to write a story, so i would hear if you guys had some good ideas?

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i can not help you with a plot idea you need to make that yourself.

but if you wanna learn coding i would recomand going on youtube and search joseph evans.

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Okay i will do that :slight_smile:

honestly a plot is something that you should feel is fun to write about. so whatever comes to mind that sounds like you would read it, you should write about it. however, there are sites such as the ones that i listed that generate plots for you. i’m not sure how well they work because i’ve never used them, but try them out and maybe something good will come from them! :grin:

Think you :slight_smile:

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What types of stories are you into? Your favorite genres?

I have too many story ideas, so I’m just trying to catch up on actually writing them. But back when I was creating story ideas, I’d use inspiration from my favorite books/movies/tv shows.

For instance, say your favorite story is Cinderella (I’m being really basic here, but I’m having a brain fart and can’t think of anything else). You can create an idea for a new story numerous ways, like:

  • Rewriting it in a different perspective (the Prince’s point of view or her evil step sisters)

  • Writing it in a different time period (the Bronze Age, the Modern Age, the future)

  • Writing it in a different setting (a different country/culture)

  • Writing it in a different genre (mystery, sci fi, thriller)

  • Combining Cindarella with another story

The list goes on and on. This is totally just my two cents, but I’m of the opinion that every story has already been told. Writing fiction is just stealing people’s ideas and changing enough details so that no one notices. Just write something you enjoy and put your own unique twist on it.

Hopefully this helps you! :revolving_hearts:

I used to play around with the plot generator once and the generator gave me this:
In a world where men outnumber every other creature, one man has no choice but to find a crime-fighting sidekick by eating his own mother. It turns out they’re all just action figures. :rofl::rofl:


o… o no… :joy::joy:

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