Story/plot ideas!

What category story do you readers like reading?
What’s an interesting story line you would love to read?

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I like romance :joy:

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To me, it depends on the plot, since genre isn’t a super reliable category. Something someone else considers Romance might not be very Romantic to me…but I’m also quite picky. I can’t really commit to one genre as a favorite, since it’s such a mixed bag of quality.

Overall, if I had to pick, I love a good mystery or drama (with a tiny bit of Romance thrown in as a subplot)!

The best kind of story, to me, is the kind that doesn’t give you all the cards right away. I like it when they hint at things, but don’t really show it until later chapters. An important part of story is presentation – I get so bored so fast is everything is explained to me right off the bat!

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I love drama and mystery but you should write in your favourite genre

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