Story Plot Plaza!

Hey guys!
I’m normally inactive because of classes; however, I thought up some really great plots that I think people would love to write if you guys were stuck for plots.

  • Feel free to change the Names, Character Appearances, plots etc however you like!! :smiley:
  • The covers are only for example :slight_smile:
  • I will probably come back and edit this a lot and add plots but for now I just wanted to share what I had currently.

Orders of Succession

After the passing of A distant relative brought the MC and her widowed twins to being related to a noble and heirs to his lineage they come to fall in love with the land, they discover they are 2 of 5 possible successors to the crown and because of the strict rules of succession, are hiding secrets… After an accidental eavesdrop leaves MC to discover one of the heirs having planned the downfall to the kingdom once crowned, it is up to her to expose the other potential royals secrets and secure the safety of the lands. (The idea for the INSPO of it was one was ineligible for being widowed, one was ineligible because she was gay, One who didn’t want the throne and would rather serve aka the maid, One who was born a savior, One who was born a destroyer)

Tactile Threats

After MC fell into debt with the Russian mob, she moves to Greece with her cousin. when her cousin suddenly disappears she finds herself recruited into a secret Service under the impression they’ll help her rescue him. But when they refuse to take the case, she is forced to go rogue behind her organisations back to save her cousin from the mob.

Its Just Buisness

Hired to be a celebrity bodyguard was never going to be a cakewalk, but MC never expected that she would be pushed into playing soulmate to her new boss after the paparazzi made its headlines. Will she be able to stay strictly professional?

A Grave Mistake...

After the murder of MTF highschooler MC by her transphobic ex, her name was slandered by everyone she knew in her backwards town. With no justice or mercy her ghost remained bound to the town that wronged her, to be reminded of how she was hatecrimed for eternity until finally the grim reaper came along to what she thought was to collect her soul from limbo, but really? It was time for the reaper to pass on from limbo himself, and so MC made the deal of an after-lifetime… in exchange for the power to get revenge on those who trapped her soul in limbo, for her to take his place as the reaper. MC now finds herself responsible with what random strokes of nature become fatal along with what happens to the souls she collects, Will she let this power consume her or will she remember her true nature. (So basically she becomes the grim reaper in hopes to send those who murdered her and tarnished her name to hell, and then realises being the reaper means she chooses whether the car that’s speeding will hit the little girl who ran onto the road after her doggy or not GRIM I KNOW JUST AN EXAMPLE OF LIKE THE IDEA)