Story Plot Preference

I’m writing a story about an accidental pregnancy (I don’t want to share too much sorry), and I’ve just been a bit stuck on a certain part of the plot, and I need help deciding.

Should I make the main character find out she’s pregnant at the end of the first chapter (which is actually very long), or should I save the reveal for a later chapter say chapter 3 or so? (To clarify she actually gets pregnant in the first chapter somewhere in the middle) I don’t want to delay that part too long because the entire story spans over the 9 months of her pregnancy.

It depends generally people don’t realise their pregnant for at least 2-4 weeks. That’s just if you want to make it realistic

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I did want to make it realistic but pretty much 99% of the plot was effected for her knowing she was pregnant, and I didn’t want her to find out like in chapter 5 or something, but I’m pretty sure I’ll just stick to being realistic and wait for chapter 3!

Yeah ok that sounds like the best plan, it will also help build up tension

Exactly, thank you!

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It’s all good! Anytime

As @Gen17 said, if MC gets pregnant in the first episode, she normally wouldn’t find it out for a while, so if you want to reveal it in the beginning, make sure to add a transition in time between the scenes.
There are so many stories where the MC sleeps with someone and the next day she is like “OMG I’m pregnant!” This is not how it works…