Story Plots from RJK <3

Hi everybody,
I’ve come up with a few plots of different genres which you are all free to use.
If you’d like to use one, just let me know and I’ll blut it on the thread to mark it as taken. :slight_smile:

(P.s. Feel free to change the names, gender etc of any of these, I just find it easier explaining plots when I use names and pronouns but they can be adjusted to your own custom character.)

  • When alice picked up a strangers coat for them, she didn’t think an hourglass would fall out of the pocket, but when she picked it up to give it to the stranger, she found herself in the salem witch trials under suspicion of being a witch. What will alice and the time traveller do when they find out the hourglass broke and they’re stuck in salem? Will the be able to handle the heat and get back to their time?

  • Emma’s life was thrown upside down when she saw her reflection step out of her mirror, or at least she thought it was her reflection. When emma looked into the mirror she realised she could see her entire timeline, unfortunately she took her eyes off of her reflection and got pushed into the mirror, finding herself facing an alternate reality of her childhood self where her life was a mess, emma tries to fix her childhood self’s life but keeps watching her childhood self die forcing her to relive each reality over and over, will she be able to make her younger self happy and escape the mirror or will time create a paradox and trap her in another reality forever?

  • When a teenage genius creates a robotic clone of herself, she didn’t think to test it, so when this robotic clone has replaced her, she has to hope her friends can spot the difference between cognition and cogwheels. What will she do when that robot takes control of her life? Will she get her life back?

  • After a misclick on social media, an inside joke meant for a close friend was sent to a celebrity involved in a lot of drama, when the celebrity cancels you for the message you find yourself under attack, from having hardcore fans outside your house waiting to boo you, papparazzi waiting to photoshop a picture to add fuel to the flames, people reposting things to shame you on social media and the celebrities stalkers who have been attempting to physically harm you, will you be able to get in touch with the celebrity and clear things up? What happens when your recipient of your message goes M.I.A and can no longer verify the misunderstanding?

  • When a dare at a halloween party gets out of hand, Elena finds herself trapped in a sewer with the WORST possible person, her highschool bully, will they be able to come together to get out, or will they make too much of a stink?
    *When James bought himself a lotto ticket he didn’t expect too much of course, but when his winning number got stolen by his crazy ex-boyfriend, it becomes a legal warfare for the ticket.

  • Alex always said she wouldn’t need politics in their life, but what will they do when they wake up as the president? - Claimed by @Carnahae

  • What happens when you put a conspiracy theorist into the police force? You get a lot of far stretched ideas on a case where facts are essential, what will you do when no one believes your solid evidence when they think it’s just a conspiracy?

  • “Two turtle doves” When Anabelle’s pet bird becomes very ill, she confides in an anonymous stranger on the internet who she dreamt of one day meeting. What will she do when that stranger is the veterinarian caring for her bird? And what will they both do when they catch feelings?

  • Harriet has always hated loud noises but they seemed to be everywhere she went, she struggled to focus in school because the noises distracted her. On the outside she was the weird girl, but harriet knew things were this way from her autism, she hated new years eve because of the loud fireworks, what will she do when a stranger hands her their earmuffs? Even worse, what will she do when that stranger is the new kid in school who has become her focus?

  • Undercover as a guard at a maximum security prison, you and your associates plan to break out your sibling whom you suspect was wrongfully convicted, but your sibling hasn’t been acting the same since they were arrested. When your cover is blown you get thrown into the slammer too, what will you do when you discover the prison was meant to be closed down years ago and the wardens aren’t who they say they are?

  • Jury duty was never fun, but when you suspect a fellow jury member is guilty of cooperation with the accused, will you be able to find proof to convince the judge?

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I just realised I left spring off of the seasons question, my bad. I was wondering why I put autumn and fall in because I did think they were the same season. Feel free to just type if you prefer spring in the replies. :slight_smile:


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