Story poll again IM SORRY OK

This is probably the 283927483890 time I’ve made a story poll and it probably won’t stop.

(These stories belong to me)
Anyways which story would you rather read? The only reason I keep debating the first story is that I run into certain roadblocks, and I feel like I can be more flexible with the second story. But don’t let that sway your decision.

1 A very contagious virus from Malaysia that makes people go crazy enters the US. In a matter of minutes, you’re entire life is put on hold. Can you and 5 other teenagers survive the apocalypse, and get to a safe haven in one peace?

2 Im not clear on the specifics yet but basically you’re an in-demand escort in NYC, and after spending a drunken night with a famous client, he says he can make you a star. Can you make a name for yourself while hiding your scandalous background? (It’s more interesting than it sounds haha)

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for me the number 1 is more fun to read since theres no story like this :blush:

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both sound interesting ngl :joy:

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