Story poll againnnnnnnn

I’m in the middle of choosing the perfect story idea for my first story, and this last week I’ve been really inspired to write these two types of stories. (Not saying I will write these stories for sure but the feedback helps)
So which one sounds more interesting?

  1. An apocalypse story, I don’t think I want to do a zombie apocalypse I was thinking of doing something unique, but not sure on that part yet. Maybe like the aftermath of world war 3, or fallout, or like monsters (bird box lol)
  2. A story about Greek gods, so a girl lives a tough life in Queens, New York, and one night she’s kidnapped and taken to the grand mount Olympus and is told that she’s the daughter of Zeus, but the problem is she despised him and the other gods.
  • Apocalypse/ Dystopia
  • Greek Gods

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Bird Box! LOL

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I laughed so hard

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