Story Poll - Help Me Pick What To Publish!

Hi Everyone!

I have been writing numerous stories, and have not yet published one.

My biggest problem? I don’t know which one should be my first publication!

I have about 7 different ones that are all ready to go through final edits for their first 5 chapters to be released, and I don’t know which would be a preferred fan-favorite.

So, here it goes:

  1. Based On A True Story
    This story is literally a real romance story that actually happened irl, filled with drama, suspense, and real consequences. Readers will be playing as the girl in the story, and will be able to customize themselves, as well as their love interest. Your choices don’t affect the outcome, but they do affect your personality, as well as the personality of your S.O.
    (This story would be able to be updated once to twice a week, as it will be easier to write)

  2. Forever
    This story surrounds the lives of mythical beings, the plot line thick with magik and fantasy. The Readers play as a Norse-Celtic vampire from 910 AD, named Valkyrie. You are able to customize your character as well as your love interests.
    (This story would be able to be updated once a week, no matter what, as it will be average to write and publish)

  3. Project Doppelganger
    This story is all about six students at an obscure college participating in a blind study on new a Virtual Reality gaming system designed by the Psychology and Neurology departments to help them better understand the human brain. But when the microchips implanted in their brains begin to malfunction, virtual and reality begin to melt and blend together. The Reader gets to design their own character, and all other 5 participants in the study are potential love interests, choices matter.
    (Due to the high writing demand for this story, a chapter or two will be updated every two weeks exactly)

  4. Two Faced
    This is a story about two girls who are roomed together in college, and they couldn’t be more opposite. It’s fashioned to be a classic tv dramedy, with twists, turns, and unbelievable plot lines. Every 5 episodes will make up the same amount of story as a typical 45 minute episode of a tv show. Your character can be customized.
    (This story would be updated once a week)

  5. Mirrored
    This is a story about the fantasy worlds of lore: Narnia, Neverland, Wonderland, Shangri-La, etc. are all places of make believe, right? But what if they were all a part of the same realm, the same world, and each lucky human who ever came across it, had an Adventure all their own. Welcome, to Requielle.
    In this story, the Reader plays as a girl who finds herself in this magical word, complete with classic storybook characters. Decisions matter. Character can be customized.
    (This story would be updated once every two weeks)

  6. Addams Dramedy
    This is a parody/fan fiction of the Addams Family. A prologue if you will, of the story of how Morticia and Gomez meet, fall in love, and face a torrent of familial and lore issues. As this is a fan fiction, characters cannot be customized.
    (Since I feel like this one d*cks my readers a bit more, it would be updated twice a week.)

  7. Hexcellent
    This is a story where you, as the Reader, and myself, as the Writer, have very little control of the outcome. Even I don’t know where this story is going to end up, what’s going to happen, what choices will matter, what choices won’t. You’re playing as a Witch in a world where magik is kind of like a drug, and those that are born witches are kept in institutions from birth until adulthood, where they are siphoned off to different jobs that are governmentally controlled. Any witch that doesn’t comply is hunted down. Your character begins going down a road of anarchy, being portrayed as a Villain… but are you really so bad?
    (I honestly have no idea how this story would be updated. It kind of has a mind of it’s own if I’m being honest…)

So, VOTE NOW! I will publish a max of two stories at this time! I will wait until the end of the month to publish whichever two get the most votes!


I love the Addams family and would definitely read that. I love the project doppelganger idea and I would definitely read that also!

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  1. Based On A True Story
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why haven’t you published any yet?! I like mirrored or hexellent the best. publish two at the same time for your first time and let the reads speak for themselves. i cant believe you have 7 unpublished stories!

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Please do project doppelgängers!


I like both Based on a true story and Mirrored, but honestly, I think I’ll go with Mirrored.

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Thanks for voting! Don’t forget to tell your friends to vote too!

I love the idea of Project Doppelganger


Both Project Doppelganger and Hexcellent look so cool!

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^ agreed, Project Doppelgänger and Hexcellent are my favorites.

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Thank you! I was very unsure of that

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I definitely will! Team Doppelgänger!

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Project Doppelgänger and Mirrored sound awesome!

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