Story preview doesn’t work 😦 - help

I hope this is the right category, I just wanted to ask whether it is possible to play(preview) your story on your mobile phone when it contains backgrounds/overlays that are still in review. The script doesn’t have any errors and the preview on the website works perfectly well. But in the app, the Story doesn’t even appear :neutral_face:. I don’t know what I am doing wrong, pls help :innocent::sweat_smile:

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Yes, there is :blush:
Open the app, click on the three lines on the top left’s corner and click “creator corner”, then click your story and through “navigation” you can move around scenes and episodes :heart:
However, your portal previewer should work, have you tried reloading the page?

this happened to me before, apparently you need 3 episodes and at least 100 lines in each (or just the third i don’t really know) but other people said their stories appeared with just one episode which has only two lines. it’s a really weird bug i guess


The preview on the portal works fine, but it’s way slower and more inconvenient than preview in the app. But when I go to the Creator’s corner in the app, the story doesn’t appear (unlike all the other ones, which are there). I tried everything - reload the page, restart the app, even restart my phone - it didn’t help :flushed:

Do you have 3 episodes? And between 100 - 400 lines or more?
And, I wouldn’t recommend writing in your laptop and previewing it in your phone, because the script does not upload that fast, you’ll have to be constantly closing the app and opening it again. It’s worth the wait of the portal previewer :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Yeah, it is weird, as my other , “practice” stories which do not have 100 lines or more are possible to play in the app

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Uh, previewing on my phone is still faster Than on the laptop xd

Oh well, then go ahead :rofl:

Try to make sure you don’t have any errors or warnings in the chapters you have. See if that works.

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Yeah, as I said, there aren’t any errors or warnings other than “the background you used is Still in review”. But it says that I should still be able to play and even share the story. It just confused me that the preview on the portal works well, but in the app, the Story is nowhere to find. Normally, when there is an error, it’s not even possible to preview on the portal :woman_shrugging:

Try replacing the backgrounds with already accepted backgrounds.

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Well I guess I’m just going to wait for the backgrounds to be reviewed, then I’ll see

my story works fine and i have tons of backgrounds still in review though

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