**Story Preview Error** HELP PLEASE

I go to watch the preview for my story and it comes up with the error message below:

I’ve tried quitting it, logging out but yet it’s still there and my internet connection is also fine and everything else is working fine, any suggestions on how to fix this?


Oof that happens a lot. I usually clear the cache. Maybe it’s because you haven’t enabled cookies.

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That used to happen to me a lot, it sucks so much. What I did was refresh the page and it worked for me, but I’m pretty sure you tried it already. Sorry, not too sure what else you could do, maybe file a ticket? <33

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thanks for getting back but nope its not cookies:(

I’ve tried everything:( think im going to just stay logged out for a few hours and see if that does anything or maybe try use a different device, it might work then hopefully :raised_hands:t3: :two_hearts:


ah goodluck! : (

This happens to me a LOT of times. But what I usually do to remove this is refresh/reload the page. If it still shows that, then I logout from my episode profile and then sign again.
Works everytime! And for me, I just face it as a temporary error.

But for your case, is it permanent? :thinking:

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It works now I just had to reset my internet browser settings… thank god! I was starting to worry :sweat_smile:

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