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I haven’t been very active on here due to the fact I thought I was discontinuing my story… But I’m not. After making the WHM 23 shelf, I feel the urge to continue it. So here I am, promoting it. You can feel free to ask questions about it if you have any.

Title: The Day the Sun Died
Genre: Thriller

Description: With 37 days until the world ends, Earth is given a new hope- a new universe. Death, destruction, and the undead can’t stop Elliot from leaving- but maybe her new accomplice can.

Long description: 7 years ago, an unknown infection started to spread around the world. That unknown infection only has a one probable cause: sun radiation. As the sun gets closer and closer to it’s ultimate destruction, it becomes dangerous to the people on earth, who are just trying to survive until they all perish in the sun’s death. But a new hope arises as a radio broadcast tells colonies around the world know about a spaceship that will take them out of the solar system and into a new one where they’d be safe from the sun’s destruction.
Elliot is the strong advisor of a colony leader in the deserts of Africa. When the broadcast is heard, the colony’s leader sends Elliot and a group of strong, brilliant people to scout ahead for dangers before the rest of the colony goes. They are instructed to give a new prisoner a safe travel to the spaceship, not knowing why they need to bring him… and soon, someone comes to hunt him down. Something is off about the plan, and everything soon falls into a game of deceit, lies, and most than ever, survival. Sacrifices will be made. People will die. Humanity will crumble.
Will they get to the spaceship in time?
I don’t know.
That’s up to you.

Uses advanced directing, lots of branching, a diverse cast, and a wlw, mlw, and Aro-ace option. (You can turn romance off in the bonus features)
Check content warnings :sparkles:

Edit: here’s the link, I forgot it lol


bruh…how are some of y’all that talented???


This sounds incredible! I’m definitely reading it.

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@Ivy_Vale Trust me, it took a lot of work :sob:

@FeeneyK0405 thank youuu I hope you enjoy!! :sparkles:


Thankyou so much for this thread… :blush: :blush:
Title:- Queen Of Hell
Gerne:- Action
Instagram Acc:- @sapphire_ecrivain
No. of episodes:- 4 (On going)
Love Interest:- 1 (no option)
Discription:- The most dangerous assassin and the heiress of the Italian Mafia with the rivalry of the Russian Mafia King. What will happen when they cross paths?
Link :- Episode Writer Portal
I’m down for R4R (3x3) or (4x4) :wink: :wink: