Story Promotion (All Genres)

Story Title :A Taste of The Devil
Author :Brianna
Style :Limelight
Genre :Romance
Story Link :
Description :Amara Russo age 18 is one of the best assassins and gun traffickers in Europe. What happens when she is forced to work with her brother’s killer son? Will she fall for him? Or will her thirst for revenge get in the way?
Instagram :@bri._writes


if you are into wolves and vampires my story is called " The Unknown" Description
After escaping your kidnappers Scar Stone found herself in the Blood Rise pack. What happens when this rogue hybrid is mated to the soon to be alpha? Will you fall to his temptations or will his true colors run you away? It’s Drama, Romance and Fantasy
1 LL
I’m new to episode so please dm and leave your feedback on IG
IG marie.wries
choices are only hairstyles and clothes are coming in later episodes

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Hey there this is my first story
Not My Alpha! (LL)
Genre: fantasy
Chapters: 11
Autumn is a werewolf, vampire, angel, devil hybrid who’s been abandoned by her own parents. She has to take care of her younger brother all on her own… But that’s not the only weird thing that happened to her. She has three inner wolves. And… She’s been experimented on. She hopes everything will become better after that. But does it?


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Hii! Here’s my story if you’d like to give it a chance :wink:

Title: The Fixer
Genre: Drama/Romance
Link :
Instagram: @dynastywrites
Description: This successful Hollywood fixer can make or break anyone’s career. She has the perfect life, until someone from her past comes back for a favor and changes everything.
Extras: Full CC for MC and LIs + 2 LIs + Point System + Choices Matter :sparkles:

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Here’s a promo for my unreleased DL Entry! Let me know if you’d like a tag for both the release & promotion thread!
This story will be written in Seasons!

Title: DL: Voltage
Author: Iris Levont
Genre: Fantasy/Action/Comedy + Mild Romance & Drama
Offers: Full/Limited CC (debating), Limelight, Advanced Directing, Custom Poses & Overlays, Diversity, Minigames, Points System, Choices Matter, 2 Endings, Art Scenes.
Description: (Debating Description) Blairs life takes a turn when she gains superpowers and survives in the process. Her mission? Keep her double life a secret. Will she be able to conceal her secret identity?
Small Cover:

Large Cover: Releasing in promo thread! (Between June 15th - 25th)
Voltage S1 Trailer: Releasing in promo thread aka between June 15th - 25th!

Thank you!


My story
Title: Act of Vengeance
Author: Rosenspitze
Style: Limelight
Genre: Thriller/Drama
Chapter: 10 (ongoing)
Description: 1926: A hazardous situation and the shadowing of a girl have one thing in common: the death of your friends. Your plan - finding the murderers & taking vengeance. The hunt begins!
Instagram: rosenspitze.episode

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I’m down to do a r4r :grin:
Here my story

Title : Outside the Truth
Story description: she’s been outside the truth for her whole life but Isabella is determined to find out the truth about herself, will you follow her along and see the truth unfold? (CC & no gems)
Genre: Drama
Instagram: @eyahmn.episode
LI: 1
Type: Limelight

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Thank you for the thread :white_heart:
TITLE: Our little secret

GENRE: Mystery/Drama

DESCRIPTION: What could be better than meeting five close friends at a student party? Such events are extremely rare. However, things don’t get so rosy when a dead girl is found in the house. Who is behind this and what is the little secret of each of them?

•Full CC

•One LI

•Sounds & Music

•Point System, Choices matter, Mini games

My ig: @epi.ksu

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Thank you for this tread! This is my story :two_hearts:


GENRE: Romance & Drama

STYLE: Limelight

EPISODES: 8 (more coming soon)

DESCRIPTION: When you get the job of your dreams, you are faced with a colleague who is more than challenging. Will he break you, or end up breaking down his own walls trying?

LINK: Bad for Business

INSTAGRAM: @Tabiso.stories

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Thank you for this thread!

Title: R&R: Cloaked Lust
Author: Anna Lilac [IG: @annalilac.stories]
Genre: Fantasy (with Romance ofc :kissing_closed_eyes:)
Chapters: 5
Description: The human realm is dangerous, but your sister’s life is on the line. Can the hot doctor you meet save her or will your risk not reap reward? [CC, F/M LI]
What can you expect?:

  • CC for the male and female LI and the MC
  • Advanced directing with overlays, zooms and mini games, several point systems
  • No important gem choices, there are only optional gem choices, that will not limit your reader experience, e.g. buying points, skipping mini games and supporting the author
  • New episodes will be released after Episode announces the winners, but no matter what, the story will be continued and finished! :white_heart:


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Hi, :white_heart:
I can do READ FOR READ Hope you can read it, it really means a lot to me :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

(DM me if you’re interested in R4R/ Promote Each Other Stories on Instagram )

Here’s mine :hugs:

:notebook: THIS IS MY STORY :notebook:
Author: Ava. S
Title: Love, Hate
Story Genre: Comedy And Romance
Chapters: 8 (more chapters coming soon)
Story Style: Limelight
Gem Choice: No
As a famous boy band leader, Liam. Because of an “accident.” , he switches bodies with a GIRL?!?!?! Is this an arrangement of fate? Will they fall in love with each other?


Instagram: @ava_the_epiwriter

(If my English Grammar or Spelling got wrong please tell me🥺)

#LoveYou :heart:

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Here is mine

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Hey there, this is my first story.
Title: Not My Alpha! (LL)
Genre: Fantasy
CC: except for for hair color and eye color
Description: Autumn is a werewolf, vampire, angel, devil hybrid who’s been abandoned by her own parents. She has to take care of her younger brother all on her own… But that’s not the only weird thing that happened to her. She has three inner wolves. And… She’s been experimented on. She hopes everything will become better after that. But does it?
And last but not least

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Hello, hello!
If you are into Fantasy and especially vampire stories, maybe you will like mine!

  • Title : One Bite To Save
  • Author : Chocola
  • Genre : Fantasy, romance
  • Description : A cursed vampire prince needs a bride to put an end to his curse, but… in a limited time. Will you be the one to deliver him from it?
  • Chapters : 6 (Ongoing)
  • My Instagram : @chocola.writes
  • Link :
Cover here!!


Hey, thanks for this thread❤. I hope you give my story a chance. Here’s my story
Title: Against All Odds
Author : Junaha
Instagram: @misfit.writes
Genre: Drama
Episode: 15 released
Style: Limelight
Love interest: 1
Choices: Choices matter but not a major effect in the story line
Description : August has been running away from her tragic past all her life. What will happen when her first and only love reappears in her life and she is forced to work under him? Will broken hearts be mended or will they be broken even more?
Link :

Stay safe and do let me know if you like it​:revolving_hearts::two_hearts:


Thank you for this thread :blush:

Author : Simi.a

Title : Apply pressure

Genre : Drama

Style : limelight

Instagram : simia.stories

Description : A strong-willed engineer. A billionaire CEO. They’re both fighting for what they can’t have. Can they beat the odds stacked against them? or will the pressure crush them both?



My first story



Thank you for this thread! :blush:

Title: something like summer

Description: While he lives a life of rules and expectations, she lives a life of struggles and reality. But what happens when the cross each other’s paths that one summer?

Genre: romance/ comedy


Insta: @daaisy.creates

I’m available for r4r, you can dm or pm me :slight_smile:




Hey! This is my first story!
Genre: Drama/ Romance
Description: Her mom’s a drunk
Her dad left
The drama follows her everywhere
What happens when Christina meets the biggest drug lord in Toronto
Will things change for the good or for the bad?


Insta: @ali._writess
P.S If you read my story and wanna give me feedback, my dm’s are open on IG