Story Promotion: AW: Remember Me

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I also wanted to do an own thread in order to promote my first story.
I’d be very happy about a read and your opinions on the 4 episodes!

I also released the 4th episode today since so many people dm’d me on my Instagram that they can’t wait.

Title: AW: Remember me

Genre: Mystery

Summary: A world in which people can buy other one‘s memories or sell their own. But what has all of this to do with the disappearance of your sister? |Multiple Endings+CC|

Chapters: 4

Status: Complete

Story Type: Short Story




If you would like to do a r4r, please pm me mostly on my Instagram since I am not very active on here. Please consider that I might not respond directly and that I maybe can’t do a r4r with everyone immideatly since I already have a full list of AW entries!


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Y’all read this story ASAP!


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