STORY PROMOTION -R4R and Chance to Share Your Story-


Story Title: A Cup of You
Author: A.E Marquez
Genre: Romance
Description: Violet is a part time working barista paying her way up in College, what happens when she is working late night after hours and invites a Daniel a guy she never met before inside for a cup of coffee. As sunrise comes it’s time to say goodbye. But what happens when they meet a second time in Medical School. Is love bound to happen? Or the opposite?


Hello, I would be glad to do ar4r with ya :blush:
Here’s my story:
Story title : Fighting Over Him

Story Author: Silent Platinum

Story description: you’re living in a world of fantasy as a demon but will everything change when you find your self and your twin sister Fighting Over Him.


Story style: limelight

Hope ya enjoy :heart:


Here I read your story and I really liked it!

If you could read my story that would be great! :heart:


Author: Shweta Mehra
Genre: Romance
Story style: Ink
Description: After breaking up, Sierra moves on to a happy single life, but what happens when she falls for “THE NERD” and her ex coming back to her life. CharacterCustomization
Episodes: 4 (more coming soon)
Instagram: @shweta_episode



Title- The Final Girl
Author- Mindy
Genre- Horror
Style- Limelight
Episodes- 3 (on going)
Description- Quinn goes on a trip with her friends but will she make it back home alive?
Instagram- @mindy_episode